Dr Manny Pohl AM, Chairman of EC Pohl & Co, together with the Conservation department of the Art Gallery of NSW, hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the completion of the conservation of the important painting The Five Senses by Carlo Cignani and to acknowledge that Sophie Mitchell has retired as Director of Flagship Investments.

A delightful night was had by all as the NSW Art Gallery shared the completion of the conservation of Carlo Cignani’s (now) spectacular painting The Five Senses.

We really are very grateful for the support provided by the Pohl Foundation, which has allowed the conservation team to play a vital role in the Art Gallery’s core mission to ‘acquire, study, conserve and present’ significant works of art in order to connect people to creativity, knowledge and ideas. As well as be enjoyed by future generations.

During the event, we took the opportunity to acknowledge Mrs Sophie Mitchell for her work with Flagship Investments as she retired from her position late last year. Sophie has served as a Director since 2008 and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and has played a significant part in steering the successful strategy of the Company. We wish Sophie all the best in her future endeavours.