Dr Manny Pohl AM, Managing Director of Flagship Investments Limited (ASX: FSI) and CIO and founder of ECP is interviewed by the senior analyst at Pulse Markets about the current market and FSI.

Conversation points

  • Introduction to Flagship and ECP
  • Why has Flagship been one of the top-performing Funds in Australia? @ 2:30s
  • Why do you have a bias towards Growth companies? @ 3:45
  • 12 months ago you wrote an article that was very positive about forwarding earnings particularly in quality growth companies – how do you see the market looking ahead? @ 5:45
  • Flagship has been delivering top returns for over 20 years, what is the secret to its success, and can it continue? @ 7:30
  • The disciplined process to investing @ 8:30
  • How can fund managers keep rejuvenating their own skills? @ 9:15
  • How were you the best-performing fund manager during the GFC? @ 10:15
  • How are you managing inflation risk? @ 11:15
    What would worry you more than inflation? @ 12:20
  • How can people invest in Flagship? @ 14:05

Watch the interview on Youtube here or click the image above.

Important Note: This interview is provided for information purposes only. It should not be construed as financial advice or an investment recommendation. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Consult a professional financial expert before making any investment decision.