While adding diversity to your portfolio is highly beneficial, it can also be difficult to know how to effectively branch out your investments. At Flagship Investments, we’re committed to helping investors learn the best ways to build their portfolios to help them minimise risk and protect their investments. That’s why we have put together our top five tips to help you diversify your portfolio and secure your financial future.

Why is Portfolio Diversification Important?

As an investor, building a diverse portfolio is one of the best ways you can improve your chances of maximising your future returns. That way, if a particular asset or business sector in your portfolio performs badly, it’s likely you’ll have other investments that will rise and compensate for this. As a result, these high-performing investments will balance out the resulting loss, reducing your financial risk.

1. Identify the Gaps in Your Portfolio

The first step to investment portfolio diversification is to take a look at your current assets and identify which sectors you aren’t already invested in. These are the sectors you’ll most likely want to invest in to fill the gaps in your portfolio, and may include any of the following assets: 

  • Money in your savings account
  • Property investments
  • Your superannuation
  • Shares
  • Bonds and index funds
  • Managed funds

2. Explore Different Markets

You might take a look at your portfolio and see that you’ve invested in a range of assets across all kinds of different sectors, but you’re still only invested in one market. While this is a great start, there’s more than one investment market out there, and they could help you if the one market you’re invested in crashes. 

Shares, bonds, property, international stock exchanges, and even precious metals all have their own markets that you can invest in to add diversity to your portfolio. We recommend doing your research to find the markets that best align with your investment goals.

3. Go Global

We briefly mentioned international stock exchanges in our second tip, but the potential that these markets possess cannot be overstated. Not only will investing in these international markets give you more opportunities, but it can also provide you with more protection should Australia’s economy perform badly.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

Diversifying your investment portfolio can give you more leeway to hold poorly-performing investments for longer to see if they bounce back. However, while holding can work out in your favour, there’s also power in knowing when to cut your losses, and a diversified portfolio can make this easier too. 

Selling certain investments after they have dropped can feel like going backwards, but the diversity in your portfolio will help you to recover more quickly. Additionally, you can use the funds you have salvaged to reinvest in other markets and continue your portfolio diversification with other, more promising markets.

5. Invest in Australian LICs, ETFs, and Managed Funds

Exchange-traded funds, managed funds, and listed investment companies research the market on behalf of their investors to give them access to diversified portfolios they don’t have to monitor themselves. Not only does this simplify portfolio diversification for investors, but it also ensures their portfolios are managed by experts who can make the best decisions to grow their funds.

About Flagship Investments

As a listed investment company, we give our clients access to an expertly crafted, highly diverse portfolio of various Australian companies operating across multiple different business sectors. Actively managed by EC Pohl, Flagship Investments’ portfolio is composed using a sustainable approach and the very best investment expertise. 

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